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Promising A Candle For Every Mood and Every Room

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Inside The Mind Of K. Liddel

Candle Making is one of my passions. It started off as a hobby and transpired into a full blown business. My team and I have been developing and thriving in business for 3 years and counting. We look forward to serving you Elegance for every environment.

Designed specifically with you in mind.

Got a neat idea for a candle? Special Candles Can Be Created for You starting at $25 and up

Message from: K.Liddel

Thank you for checking my page out I really appreciate it. I started this with an idea that it would be the first product from a vision of a home decor line. Tho it has taken some time, business is up and running with down falls and many lessons learned and still learning. My journey with candles started in my youth. I loved how fragranced candles could just change a mood in a heartbeat. Watching the flame melt the wax until the wax was all gone. It became a hobby of mine to smell candles wherever I would go, little did I know I would one day understand everything about that candle. Well here I am years later with the knowledge about those candles I sniffed as a young kid. Please check out my products theres more to come.................

Snack, Sip and Pour Candle Experience!

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Friday nights from 7pm-9pm

Saturdays 2-5pm, 6-8pm

Must call after the purchase of tickets to reserve your seat for that date and time you would like to Experience this event.






Phone: (323)241-8155 K.LiddelCandleline@yahoo.com Web: kliddelcandleline.com IG: K.LiddelCandleline Facebook: K.LiddelCandleline Twitter:@K.LiddelCandleline1 Shopify: K.LiddelCandleline.myshopify.com

We are here for you!


is a company that is grounded and rooted in customer service, customer care, and customers can always rely on us to put out our best product and always smell good fragrances!


Tranquil Essence is a Massage Candleline that was formed and branched of as we as part of the K.LiddelCandleline Brand. This line was created by none other than Tinisha Clark and Kendric Sims. Tinisha has been a accomplished massage therapist for decades now. She has owned her own parlor as well as become partners with other offices to expand her talents to the masses. Kendric Sims is the owner of K.LiddelCandleline  and in this connection they were able to produce a product that is Phenomenal as well as healthy for the skin. These products anyone can use to massage loved ones as well as in the professional field of Massage therapy!

Tranquil Essence by K.LiddelCandleline